From Multi-Sensory Hotel Designs to Handy Texting Umbrellas

 - Sep 30, 2015
The top September 2015 design trends include plenty of revolutionary design ideas that are poised to change the way we interact with everyday tasks and the tools we use to get them done.

A unique and hyper-specific innovation, the 'Phone-brella' by kt Design was created in order to allow individuals to text on their smartphones while walking in the rain. While it may be an issue that isn't top of mind, the design tackles a single issue that is potentially encountered on a daily basis.

Separately, Hotel Carlota is a Mexico City hotel designed to offer guests a multi-sensory experience. Designed by Javier Sánchez Architecture, the hotel is situated on the former grounds of Hotel Jardin Amazonas.

The top September 2015 design trends showcase a variety of progressions in an industry increasingly focused on enhanced user experience.