This Vertical Planter Provides an Easy Way to Grow Herbs Indoors

 - Aug 17, 2015
References: yankodesign & yankodesign
The 'Verdure' is a vertical planter that grows greenery entirely on its own. While planting your own indoor garden is a great way to access fresh food, it can be difficult and time-consuming to continually tend to plants. This automated planter allows you to grow perfect herbs indoors without ever lifting a finger.

The vertical planter is designed to be self-sufficient and requires little tending to. To grow herbs, simply place some seeds in the appropriate compartment and then fill the water reservoir. Once the seeds are in place, the plant will water itself and even provide its own source of sunlight. The clever device is able to function on its own thanks to capillary action, which allows the soil to draw in water from the reservoir whenever it becomes dry. The sunlight comes from a handy Halogen lamp, which facilitates photosynthesis.

The auto-planter is the perfect solution for anyone who is lacking a green thumb.