This Folding Lamp is Constructed from One Simple Sheet of Cardboard

 - Aug 26, 2015
References: wellwelldesigners & trendland
Well Well Designers created a folding lamp using the common idea of pop-up cardboard shapes, the likes of which are seen in children's books. The simple lamp uses a space in a room that is often unnoticed and untapped -- the corner. Utilizing space in a room that rarely has a function, the folding lamp can be put on the floor, as the lamp's "shade" is risen a couple inches off of the ground, or they can be fasted at a different height on the wall.

The pop-up folding lamp is constructed from a single sheet of cardboard, with simple geometric cut-outs turning the lamps into square, triangular or circular modules when folded at a 90 degree angle. While some may say this is an obvious and simple design, clearly it is not simple enough for others to employ as the product has a market it is being sold to.