This Tubular Elevator is Easy to Install in the Average Home

 - Aug 8, 2015
References: terrylifts & fastcoexist
UK-based company 'Terry Lifts' designed a tubular elevator that can be installed in the average home. While the idea of a household elevator is often associated with the elderly or the exceedingly wealthy, this ingenious household device is designed for the average consumer.

The 'Lifestyle Home Elevator' is a glass-paneled pod that helps to transport users from one floor to the next. The tubular elevator runs up and down on a set of heavy-duty rails that conceal the hydrolic mechanisms beneath. The result is a shalt-less design that allows the elevator to transition seamlessly between floors. The Lifestyle Home Elevator also features a series of micro-switches that trigger an emergency break if an object, pet or person accidentally crosses the path of the elevator while it is moving.