This Collection Transforms the Starbucks Siren into Various Characters

 - Aug 16, 2015
References: designtaxi & foodiggity
'The Secret Life of the Starbucks Siren' is a simple but clever collection that showcases artist Abe "Fox" Green's ability to use pen and coffee cups to create works of art. Green draws around the logo's character, portraying her in various roles both fantastical and mortal. Reminiscent of childhood doodles, these imaginative drawings show off the artist's creativity and sense of humor.

The Starbucks logo is so ubiquitous that the strange topless siren largely goes unnoticed. However, this art collection invites the viewer to discover how odd the choice in logo really was. The different designs transform the Starbucks siren into a fitness instructor, race car driver and motorcyclist. Green also designed cups with a more fantastical twist, giving the logo octopus or spider legs and turning her into a LEGO-woman.