This Charming German Cafe is Designed to Be a Meeting Place

 - Aug 4, 2015
This quaint German cafe is a popular eatery and meeting place located in the Stuttgart suburb Ostfildern. Designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group, the Cafe Pause's rebrand resulted in a charming space infused with urban cafe culture.

The sophisticated contemporary cafe is diner-inspired and features mostly greyscale furniture with rose-colored walls and a pop of color with bright blue bar stools. An elegant bar made from marble and brass is the centerpiece surrounded by a variety of casual seating. Interestingly, the space's light fixtures come in the form of several architect's lamps coming out of two central pillars.

This unique German cafe rebrand successfully brought an outdated suburban, neighborhood cafe into the 21st century in the form of an elegant diner-inspired eatery.