This Inexpensive Battery is Made from Saltwater and Organic Components

 - Aug 25, 2015
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Aquion Energy is producing an inexpensive battery that is made out of saltwater and other organic compounds. Although solar and wind power have become more viable sources of energy, these systems must rely on back-up batteries when weather is bad. These batteries are expensive to produce and extremely harmful to the environment.

Aquion Energy developed a solution to this industry concern by creating bio-safe batteries out of saltwater and other organic compounds. The new eco-friendly batteries operate by absorbing energy during daylight hours and then releasing it at night. The inexpensive batteries are intended for large-scale projects, such as wind farms or solar grids. The batteries are completely eco-friendly and even safe enough for human consumption.

Aquion Energy hopes that companies will gradually make the change to eco-safe batteries and move away from the more harmful alternative.