This Company Makes Clothing Out of Organic Textiles and Renewable Materials

 - Aug 18, 2015
References: lohasapparel & westword
LOHAS Apparel is a Colorado-based company that is producing eco-friendly clothing out of organic textiles. In recent years, many clothing companies have begun experimenting with the use of sustainable materials. LOHAS Apparel strives to be eco-friendly in every aspect of production by relying entirely on eco-textiles and upcycled materials.

The company is largely concerned with the task of minimizing its carbon footprint. One of the ways to reduce it environmental impact is to use organic textiles such as hemp. In contrast to cotton, hemp grows extremely quickly and leaves its soil in excellent condition after it is harvested. Because it does not exhaust the soil, hemp is ideal for steady cultivation. Not only is hemp a renewable material source, but it is also extremely soft and comfortable.

LOHAS Apparel's use of hemp to produce contemporary clothing demonstrates how sustainable materials can be used to foster more eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry.