These Sustainable Paper Products are Made from Elephant Feces

 - Aug 18, 2015
References: new.poopoopaper
'POOPOOPAPER' is making sustainable paper products out of an unlikely material. Nearly all paper products are made from a pulp mixture that is derived from some kind of fibrous materials. While these fibers generally come from tree pulp, POOPOOPAPER uses animal waste instead.

The sustainable paper products are made from the feces of elephants, cows, horses and other animals. After the waste is collected, the non-fiber materials are removed and then the remaining fibers are boiled to a pulp. This mixture is blended with non-wood fibers to form a stringy paper structure that can be dried to produce various paper products. The end result is an eco-friendly form of paper that is made from renewable materials.

Although the idea of using feces to make paper may seem unappealing to some, the eco-friendly stationary serves as an example of how companies are turning former waste products into useful new materials.