These Simple Plastic Balls Help Prevent Water Evaporation

Earlier this summer the city of Los Angeles deployed over 20,000 plastic 'Shade Balls' to help prevent water evaporation. With California facing one of the worst droughts in recent history, these simple plastic balls are helping to protect the state's precious water supply.

The Shade Balls are designed to float along the surface of the city's outdoor reservoirs and block sunlight from hitting the water. The act of blocking the sun prevents the chlorine and bromide in the water from transforming into a dangerous compound called Bromate. The Shade Balls also help to prevent water evaporation and preserve the current supply in the reservoir.

While thousands of Shade Balls have already been deployed, it is estimated that Los Angeles will need 96 million balls in order to protect its water supply. Although the numbers are staggering, city officials are enthusiastic about how effective the balls have been thus far.