These Skyscrapers Make Shipping Container Architecture Stylish

This skyscraper by CRG Architects uses shipping container architecture to create an original and functional structure.

The 'Containscraper' was drafted in response to two difficult design challenges, one small and one big: an irregularly shaped lot and the housing crisis in Mumbai. By giving their towers a cylindrical form and utilizing shipping container architecture, CRG Architects was able to fit two mega-high towers onto the lot. Each unit has its own unique view, because the containers had to face slightly away from each other and be layered in order to achieve a cylindrical shape. Vertical gardens adorn the building's outer walls. Shipping container architecture is responsible not only for the extremely practical functionality of the Containscraper, but also for its stylish appearance. Units are color-coded according to how much sunlight they receive: warmer colored containers get more heat and light, cooler ones get less.