This Tiny Map Expands When Squeezed to Show Close-Up Directions

 - Aug 26, 2015
Hungarian designer Dénes Sátor created this tiny map, which is shaped like an egg and when it's squeezed, it enlarges to show easy-to-read road signs and locations. The map was created to encourage people to go exploring and "leave the nest."

This tiny map looks similar to an Easter egg due to the colorful lines, which are all specifically color-coded. The 'Egg Map' comes complete with an interface detail and a legend that will allow users to easily find navigate their desired path.

While smartphones are fully equipped with maps and GSP devices, the Egg Map requires no battery. In addition, the small size allows it to easily be transported in pockets, bags and purses. It's also made with a waterproof material and won't get crumpled or ruined like paper maps.