This Company is Making Eco-Friendly Textiles Out of Banana Plant Stems

 - Aug 15, 2015
References: offsetwarehouse & care2
Offset Warehouse is selling sustainable fabric made out of banana plant stems. Every year, about a billion stems are thrown away by banana plantations. Offset Warehouse is using this natural byproduct to make an eco-friendly material that is nearly as soft as bamboo or hemp.

To make the banana fibers, the company takes the leftover stalks from the banana plant after it has been harvested for its fruit. The stalk contains long and fibrous strands that can be processed into malleable fibers. These fibers can then be used for weaving baskets or to make luxurious silks. The entire process of converting the stems into fibers is nearly carbon neutral and the end product is similar in texture to that of bamboo or hemp.

While many companies are looking for ways of manufacturing more eco-friendly textiles, Offset Warehouse has found a way to turn a natural waste product into a whole new material.