The 'Fruitleather Rotterdam' Project Makes Bags from Old Fruit

A group of undergraduate students from the Netherlands have found a creative way to reclaim old fruit. 'Fruitleather Rotterdam' is a project that creates a leather-like material out of old or rotting fruit.

The inspiration for the project was to create a retail product, but the group of six decided to not only create a product, but to also tackle the problem of food waste. The team honed in on approaching vendors for fruits or vegetables that could no longer be sold -- typically old or bruised -- which otherwise would be thrown out.

The fruits gathered are put through a process of de-seeding, boiling (to remove bacteria and prevent spoiling), and are spread on a surface to dry. Once dry, the fruit-leather can be shaped and molded to produce products. The project began by producing bags, but are open to manufacturing more products. The team has recently been approached by a car seat company hoping to collaborate.