- Aug 20, 2013
Bringing your own reusable bag to the market is a fantastically sustainable way to reduce the use of plastic, and these stylish grocery carriers are offering up a more fashionable way to lug your goodies around.

While most environmental shopping bags often appear rugged and visually unappealing, these stylish grocery carriers all offer a unique design that will surely appeal to any fashionista looking to head to the market for some essentials. From chic urban foodie totes to recycled leather bags, these stylish grocery carriers are turning the task of heading to the market into a more fashion-forward experience.

A great way to not only cut back on plastic waste but also to add some style to your everyday routine, these chic grocery carriers will definitely add a touch of sophistication to any market outing.

From Lavish Reusable Totes to Urban Foodie Totes: