PlateJoy Makes Tailored Meal Plans and Takes Care of the Shopping

 - Aug 17, 2015
References: platejoy & venturebeat
PlateJoy is a holistic healthy eating service that takes care of every dietary detail from tailored meal plans to grocery home deliveries.

Originally, PlateJoy was a simple grocery delivery platform that aimed to offer an alternative to fast food and takeout. Then PlateJoy discovered that its subscribers were using the site to achieve weight loss and healthy eating goals. PlateJoy decided to adapt and go with it, and has rebranded and relaunched the website as a healthy eating service.

Now, users start by answering a questionnaire about their dietary habits, their weight loss and healthy eating goals, any diet style they follow (like vegetarian or paleo) and their specific food dislikes and allergies. PlateJoy designs a weekly meal plan tailored to each user. The service then sends the user seven days worth of recipes and places a grocery order with Whole Foods, so that they'll have exactly the right amounts of all the ingredients they need for the week. The site even features a digital pantry that shows users how much food they have left in their kitchen and if anything is about to go bad.

PlateJoy is covering every aspect of healthy eating, offering a holistic service that guarantees that users never have to stress about meal planning.