Camp Yoga for Adults Blends Activities with Community & Connection

 - Aug 1, 2015
References: campyoga
After being left with feelings of absolute bliss from attending a Wanderlust festival one year, Chesley Long organized Camp Yoga as a similar way to inspire community and connection with the yoga community closer to home. Camp Yoga is described as "a fusion of uniting your inner 'way-back, play-back camp-life-kid' with your 'adult-yoga-and-wine-matured-self'" and hosts hiking, live music, dancing and other outdoor activities in Canada's great outdoors.

Although people hoping to attend the camp can expect to Yoga, Play and Evolve, the experience is completely up to them, as Camp Yoga allows its attendees the chance to create personalized schedules for the duration of the camping weekend.

Naturally, Camp Yoga accommodates guests with gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and other specialty diets and provides a range of comfortable sleeping options to give yogis a rest after a full day of activities.