Afineur Makes Its Premium Coffee Using Fermented Beans

 - Aug 5, 2015
References: kickstarter & treehugger
With its 'Cultured Coffee,' Afineur is a company that's set to revolutionize the world of coffee using natural microorganisms and fermented beans.

Green coffee beans are fermented for two days before roasting, which is helpful in changing the taste of the hot drink by reducing bitterness, acidit and astringency, while also increasing the drink's smoothness. As the French scientists that founded Afineur describe it, microbes in the fermentation process "chew away undesirable coffee flavor molecules while adding interesting ones," like fruity and sweet notes.

This unusual type of coffee takes inspiration from an equally unconventional source—civet, kopi luwak or as it is better known, animal poop coffee—but these fermented beans offers a high-end alternative that has a better taste, price and is completely ethically produced.