The Matcha McFlurry Combines Vanilla Ice Cream with Green Tea Powder

McDonald’s Japan recently added the Matcha McFlurry to its expansive dessert menu. While McDonald’s Japan did release a Matcha-flavored McFlurry back in 2013, the original featured more conventional toppings such as Oreo cookie crumbs. Now the green tea-flavored McFlurry is back with a more traditional Japanese twist.

The new Matcha McFlurry combines McDonald's vanilla soft serve with powdered green tea and adzuki red beans. The new dessert is part of McDonald’s Japan's new lineup of 'By McSweets,' which consists of limited-edition treats made from regional ingredients. Like other desserts on the menu, the Matcha McFlurry is made from local ingredients, including matcha from Uji and adzuki red beans from Hokkaido.

The new McFlurry flavor demonstrates how global brands are going beyond simply offering regional flavors to also sourcing local ingredients.