Mount Fuji in Japan is Reproduced to Small Scale in Matcha and Candy

 - Mar 30, 2016
References: japantrendshop
The popular Japanese landmark Mount Fuji has recently been transformed into a series of edible miniature mountains using chocolate and matcha. The treats are a recreation of the Hokusai postcards that feature the iconic white-capped mountain as the main illustration. The mountain's infamous structure and aesthetic is then completely recreated to miniature scale using chocolate goodies.

The chocolates are feature a design that is lifelike and to scale, measuring in at 180,000:1 to capture the mount in its entirety. The chocolates feature a wide circular base complete with a pointed summit made from white chocolate. The base is available in either a milk or matcha chocolate flavoring. Each miniature mountain comes with a copy of the Hokusai postcard that its design was inspired by. These would make great edible souvenirs of the iconic Japanese location.