Auntie Anne's Will Offer Matcha Tea-Based Sweets and Treats

Currently available from Auntie Anne's in Japan, the pretzel desserts and beverages all put a focus on matcha tea as the basis ingredient and flavor.

The Matcha Cheesecake pretzel roll is a layer of the brand's signature pretzel dough mixed with layers of matcha cream and cream cheesecake that has been topped with crushed almonds.

The Frozen Diink Uji Matcha and Uji Matcha Latte both make use of green tea powder with the latte being available apart from these limited-edition menu offerings.

The pretzel desserts and drinks that put matcha tea in the limelight are only available in Japan Auntie Anne's locations until May 31st. The scrumptious offerings are definitely worth a try for those in Japan or those heading there within the next few weeks.