This Creamy Cake is Infused with Traditional Japanese Ingredients

 - Aug 31, 2015
References: food52
The Food52 blog has put together a recipe for a decadent cheesecake that is infused with traditional Japanese ingredients. Although black sesame seeds are an extremely important part of Asian cuisine, this ingredient is still largely uncommon outside of Japan. This dish uses the tasty seeds to add a nutty flavor to a creamy cheesecake dessert.

This recipe celebrates traditional Japanese ingredients through the addition of matcha powder and black sesame seeds. The first layer of the cake is a simple hazelnut-shortbread crust. The following layers feature a combination of cream cheese, matcha powder and black sesame seeds. The final product is not only visually stunning but is also extremely delicious. The matcha powder delivers a subtle green tea flavor while the sesame seeds provide a rich and nutty taste.

The dish is the perfect way to experiment with delicious ingredients from the Far East and is health-conscious to boot.