Using Cheers Milkshake's Milk Shaker is Just Like Mixing a Cocktail

 - Jul 18, 2014
References: & packagingoftheworld
There's something wholesome about a milkshake that makes the drink fun and kid-like, but this concept milk shaker packaging for Cheers Milkshake is distinctly more adult—packaging concept by Pavla Chuykina turns the container into something that looks more like a cocktail shaker.

The twist cap is designed to be loaded with flavoring and by giving it a turn, this releases the flavoring into the liquid below. Then, just as you would with a cocktail shaker, the container can be agitated to evenly distribute the flavoring.

Each of the milk shakers is designed with spots for easy gripping, plus color-coding and bold text that would make it easy to tell the three different kinds of Cheers Milkshakes apart.