Make Yourself a Drink in Your Mad Scientist Shot Glass Set

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: homewetbar & thegreenhead
Indulge your inner Victor Frankenstein with the Mad Scientist Shot Glass Set.

Though you won’t exactly be endowing life into your own monster-like Frankenstein, you will certainly be able to inject life into any party by concocting all manners of drinks in your shot glass set. The Mad Scientist Shot Glass Bar Set comes with 12 shot glasses in total: nine (1 oz) test tube shot glasses, three (2 oz) flask shot glasses, one lab flask mixer (10 oz), one glass stir stick and one metal carrying tray;(alcohol, lab coats, and hunchbacked assistant’s named Igor are not included).

The next time you’re at a party, bring out your Mad Scientist Shot Glass Bar Set and begin making drinks. If people start giving you a hard time with the amount you're drinking, simply explain to them that you’re conducting important science.