Booze Joulies Cool Your Drink Without Diluting It

 - Jul 25, 2014
References: joulies & gizmag
Booze Joulies are handy cube-shaped drink coolers that chill your drink down without diluting it. Any alcoholic beverage connoisseur will tell you that diluting certain drinks is an absolute no-no, especially in the case of beer. This is where Booze JOulies come in handy.

Each Booze Joulie is essentially a stainless steel ice cube-shaped shell, containing a special blend of food-grade liquids. These liquids have a freezing point lower than that of water, meaning it takes longer to freeze but also longer to thaw.

When the liquids do thaw, they are still contained within the cube and do not dilute your drink in any way. Even in the highly unlikely event that they do leak out of the cube, they are non-toxic and safe to consume.