These Spooky Scorpion Lollipops are an Unconventional Treat

 - Jun 7, 2014
References: pestaurant & eater
A unique pop-up eatery known as The Pestaurant is famous for offering foodies the chance to taste insect infused creations, such as these scorpion lollipops. These eerie scorpion lollipops were a menu staple at The Pestaurant's Washington location.

These candied scorpion confectioneries featured tiny dried black scorpions solidified inside a fruit-flavored lollipop treat. The lollipops came in a wide variety of bright, neon colors that were clear enough for foodies to see the tiny scorpion lurking inside. Brave souls that tasted these scorpion lollipops had fun licking their way through fruity flavors till they arrived at the crunchy treat. While eating scorpions might seem a bit unusual, scorpions are actually a pretty popular source of protein in various countries around the world.