VIBE Hot Sauce Stands Out with Unexpected Hues

Samantha Keck redesigned the packaging for VIBE Hot Sauce, and the resulting look is one that will make this product stand out on the shelves. Keck opted to use vibrant colors for the hot sauce branding, which is not normally done for this type of condiment.

One noteworthy addition to the branding is the question towards the bottom of the bottle asking consumers, "What's your vibe?" This type of call-to-action is ideal to grab attention from buyers and make them think about their answer. Keck also uses a club-like look for the lettering and different types of sauce. Buyers can get kinds such as the Original Mix or even Turned Up Chipotle, which is reminiscent of music options at a dance party.

Keck certainly hits the mark with this VIBE Hot Sauce branding.