These SteakStones are Slabs of Stone that Internalize Heat for Cooking

 - Jul 16, 2013
References: steakstones & uncrate
For those looking for a fresh and healthier way to cook their meals, these SteakStones offer foodies the opportunity to use a hot stone surface as a grilling alternative. A great substitute to an oven, pan, deep-fryer or BBQ, the SteakStones grills internalize heat to cook all sorts of food items.

The SteakStones hot stone blocks are from a high-quality lava stone that are able to retain high heat for up to 30 minutes. Available in several detachable designs, this SteakStones set has a thin slab of lava stone that users can remove, place in the oven and warm up.

Once it's hot, it can be carefully placed back onto the wood StreakStones structure and used to grill meat, seafood, vegetables and cook steak to perfection. The food cooks in its own natural juices and flavors without the need to add oil or fats. Underneath is a compartment for more food that the heat from the lava stone will also keep warm.