The INOX COOKUP Barbecue Harnesses Solar Energy to Cook Your Food

 - Oct 4, 2011
References: idcook &
The INOX COOKUP barbecue may look like a wannabe satellite, but if its stats are any indication, this solar-powered cooker can handle a burger with the best of them. Made by the solar-loving French cookware company iD Cook, the INOX COOKUP uses its patented parabolic shape to focus the sun's energy on the food in question. Capable of reaching temperatures upwards from 200° C, this solar cooker isn't as frou frou as it appears.

While it may take some time to win over the pit masters, this BBQ has a load of eco-friendly benefits. Obviously, this form of cooking cuts down on smoke and CO2 emissions. It also utilizes free energy, which means no cumbersome propane tanks or finicky electronic cookers to deal with. Sounds great, but how does it stand up to more conventional grills? It takes 60 minutes to do a whole chicken on the INOX COOKUP, which is on par with its non-solar competitors. Constructed using durable stainless steel, the INOX COOKUP will stand up to the rigors of outdoor cooking just like its gas-hungry counterparts.

BBQ aficionados are not likely to latch onto the INOX COOKUP barbecue quickly. The allure of smoke and mesquite will likely keep them firmly planted in front of their gas and charcoal grills, but if this little solar cooker manages to prove itself, the fine art of BBQ may never be the same again.