This Cutlery Set Has a Drawer's Worth of Utensils to Fit Inside Your Pocket

When you go camping, there is no room to cart around the luxuries of domestic living. Enticingly, the Baladeo Multifunctions Cutlery Set comes equipped with nearly every necessary feature to prepare and eat fire-cooked feasts in the middle of the wilderness.

Unlike most eating utensil collections, this one is 52 grams light in its entirety and consists of a pair of switchback implements that clip together. One is a spoon-fork hybrid and the other is a blade. They both hinge in the center, snap into a pocket knife configuration and can be stored for protection in a mesh carrying case. A red plastic handle on the utensil increases the comfort of user so that he can scoop, cut and skewer food with his Baladeo Multifunctions Cutlery Set, open bottles and more.