The Nami Cutlery Rest Accommodates All Types of Eating Utensils

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: kenichirooomori & designspotter
The lovely little props that keep the tips of chopsticks from tabletop contamination can here be used for European implements as well. The Nami Cutlery Rest takes a clever sculptural shape that enables it to be employed effectively and differently in two opposite orientations.

Kenichiro Oomori's design takes a sinuous wavelike form that traces a couple of bumps across the small utensil stand. This side provides a single recess to hold the ends of a pair of traditional Japanese eating instruments.

However, when you flip the Nami Cutlery Rest, the humps have formed two grooves in the implement holder. Because of this, the ETORI culinary accessory can accommodate the arrangement of a pair of pieces of silverware including spoons, forks and knives.