Malleablee Plates Have Grooved Surfaces for the Secure Placement of Forks

 - Apr 6, 2013
References: junjikawabe
Most crockery is given its shape so that it can more effectively contain edible items; however, these Malleablee Plates have been designed with something else in mind. Cutlery is almost always present when one is using a dish, so it's quite logical that Junji Kawabe has created little recesses just for them.

The platters take slightly squared forms with lovely rounded edges. The rims rise subtly to keep parts of your meal from escaping over the side. Although they are likely made from ceramic material, it seems as though the Malleablee Plates might easily experience a state change. Fork-shaped indentations look to have arisen from hot silverware melting into them. The quirky impressions keep your implements in place while you mingle with your appetizers at parties.