This Bottle Opener is Made by Hand from Broken Skateboards.

 - Mar 15, 2014
References: s3bs & etsy
Scene3 recycled skateboard bottle openers are just one of the items we make from broken skateboard decks. the company uses almost the entire skateboard deck in the recycling process. From three broken skateboards, they can make one cutting board, 6 drink coasters, several bottle openers, a bunch of keychains and a pile of shavings. Scene 3 makes everything by hand in the back hallway of Scene3, our skateboard and bicycle shop.

By creating new products from broken, or trashed material, Scene 3 is extending the life useful life of consumed goods.  It's important to consider the impact of the goods you purchase and the brands you support, and Scene3 is a good example of a more responsible company.