The Mortarpestool is Inspired by the Way Food is Prepared

 - Dec 22, 2012
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The Mortarpestool may deceive you at first. At first glance, you may view it as just a simple maple wood stool with little to no design flare. It is handsomely crafted, but there is nothing that really stands out about it. That is, until you press on the edge of the top of the seat. You will find that the circular top will dip in and you can lift it off of the base.

The Mortarpestool in inspired by prepping food, and challenges the notions of a western kitchen. Resembling the marble or wooden cooking utensil known as a mortar and pestle, the wooden stool can function as a storage container or as a makeshift cutting board. Robyn Luk was intrigued by how people of other nations prepare their meals and used his discoveries to fuel his design.