Anna de Rijk in En Cavale has a Chic Farm Girl Flair

City and country are often considered to be quite different worlds, but any cowgirl styled like Anna de Rijk in En Cavale would be sure to feel chic in the urban environment. The June/July 2011 Vogue Paris editorial encourages comfy and casual dress fit for the fields as a versatile wardrobe for strutting in the streets.

The beautiful brunette wears her hair down and wavy in a way that looks both natural and deliberate, as do her her perfectly fitted jeans and her breezy flattering blouses. Leather accessories such as hats, purses and a pair of controversial platform sandals make these spreads by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer a fresh take on summer style. The relaxed rural girl and the fashionable city-slicker may both aspire to look like Anna de Rijk in En Cavale.