The Arachnide Chair by Studioforma is Inspired by a Spider

 - Jul 14, 2013
References: & design-milk
The silhouette of the Arachnide Chair may seem incredibly simple, but there is a quality about the design that is at once graceful and creepy. That is because the legs of the seat is inspired by the legs of an insect. Although this fact may set some people's teeth on edge, overall, it is hard not to appreciate the stark beauty of the Arachnide Chair.

Designed by Studioforma, an architectural firm based in Switzerland, the Arachnide Chair is surprising not only for its spider influence, but also for the mix of materials used. Made out of smoked oak and aluminium, the Arachnide Chair has an industrial element to it that the long, sleek pieces negate. As noted by Design Milk, "The metal creates a slight shimmer down the side of the brown legs, reflecting its environment to create a camouflaging effect."