Rodolofo Rocchetti's Cruelty-Free Designs

 - Mar 31, 2008   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: tappezzeriarocchetti
We love leather -- some even love the cow hide which still has hair -- but do we love animal prints enough to make furniture to look like animals?

Rodolofo Rocchetti is going to find out the depth of this market. He made these wild pieces, using only faux fur, for the animal lovers... Or for the people who need to make a statement about their tastes.

Implications - In recent years, there has been an increased importance placed on the originality of a product one owns. One of the best ways for a company or brand to capitalize on this fad is by radically altering the design of a traditional household product. By offering consumers a dramatic change from the conventional, the company establishes itself as avant-garde and forward thinking.