Seats Yours Guests Will Never Forget

 - Nov 19, 2008
References: oddee
The pieces of furniture we are introducing are weird, strange and very wacky.

Let’s start off with the second image in the gallery which is one of the most risque and absolutely strange pieces of furniture in this weird collection. Mario Philippona, the Dutch designer, calls his "provocative chair" 4Legs.

The pink 1960 Chevy Impala Bed was built by a company named Jake Chop Shop with different car parts.

The green grass bench was created by a Japanese company called Mindscape. I don’t know whether this piece of "furniture" was really built for people to sit on, but I’ll tell you one thing, I would not come close to this grass thing. My butt itches just looking at it.

Designed by Stephen Reed from Industrial Design and Alistair Willmott, the sofas on the last image are, in my opinion, the most interesting and intriguing of the collection. The 3-piece set, which is at the Bloomberg office in London, was designed so that employees can leave messages to one another using the Scrabble cushions. How cool is that?

Finally, the funny cow and tiger furniture was created with faux fur by an Italian upholsterer called Rodolfo Rocchetti.

In reference to the animal furniture, Oddee says, "Now to have something like this in your home you might choose a very wild theme for your home, because these designs can easily make people say ;OMG'"