From Crumbled Carpet Collections to Gemstone Lamps

 - Jan 4, 2013
This collection of bold Bouroullec designs amasses the incredible furniture sets and artistic installations put out by brothers Ronan and Erwan. The Bouroullec siblings have been the masterminds of current architectural movements, especially those that influence the layout and decor of interior spaces.

Crumbled carpet collections and gemstone lamps have been essential to the rise of Ronan and Erwan. Their take on furnishing is remarkably avant-garde as the pair strive to do away with entrenched blueprints. They have instead put their heads together during the production of bizarre pieces, some of which have taken notes from the appearance of seaweed, ginormous couches and modern lighting schemes. Best of all is the element of functionality that is consistently maintained, even in the face of so much modernity.