The Savannah Separator Evokes the Picturesque African Plains

 - Mar 7, 2013
References: ooomydesign.tumblr
Inanimate objects can certainly bring life into spaces, just as the Savannah Separators do. These pieces are made from methacrylate material and cut to take the shapes of graceful giraffe silhouettes.

Made to resemble the postures of the animal as it walks and grazes, the pair of iconic partitions interrupts open indoor and outdoor spaces, but doesn't completely sever their continuity. Plenty of gaps between the four lanky legs provide a peek to the other side of the room divider. The body of the creature serves as the most significant visual block and it's situated roughly at eye level.

The OOO My Design Savannah Separators embody dimension and achieve stability with the incorporation of one separate set of legs. Connecting the two pieces is a shelf that can offer convenient storage.