Life-Sized Sheep Double as Sturdy Stools

Hanns-Peter Krafft’s German-made sheep are timeless, innovative, whimsical, offbeat, and can add a bit of the outdoors to an indoor setting. Since the sheep don’t eat or drink or even so much as baa, they’re the perfect barnyard pet for those who don’t want to be encumbered by a real live animal.

Krafft’s furniture sheep are valued as decorating assets as well with people willing to pay up to $1,200 each, and that’s before shipping fees! The life-sized sheep are made from real sheepskin over a body of jute filled with wood shavings. The head and legs are carved wood. Leather comprises the ears.

Sheep have recently gained in popularity as decor. Though I can’t picture them in my house, I have to admit there’s something about them that draws me in. Maybe it’s some residual effect of too many recitations of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" as a child.