Anganetha Dyck Conveys Loss and Transformation Through Wax

 - Mar 26, 2012
References: & visualnews
Canadian artist Anganetha Dyck knows how to mind her own bee's wax. She has molded a series of sculptures by grafting honeycombs unto found objects.

The objects she uses seem like things one would find in an octogenarians yard sale granted that yard is in front of an creaking Victorian house. That is to say, they are objects with some story or history behind them that don't look they are worth much despite their character. Some of them are little figurines depicting European aristocrats from the 18th century. Others are less Haughty; Anganetha Dyck uses old sports equipment in one piece.

The honeycombs lend a peculiar quality to the objects they wrap. One feels a sense, not necessarily of decay, but of loss through transformation; Anganetha Dyck's bees wax seems to grow out of the old and lost objects, replacing these pieces of the past with themselves.