The Orpella Tino is a Hybrid Piece of Machinery Inspired by Wasps

 - Nov 14, 2011
References: amosboaz & yankodesign
Construction companies are going to flip their lids over the Orpella Tino. The Orpella Tino is a unique piece of heavy equipment that can best be described as a crossover between a cement mixer and a backhoe.

The Orpella Tino was designed by Amos Boaz and inspired by the Mud Dauber Wasp. The Mud Dauber Wasp was the inspiration for this design as it digs dirt and mixes it with its own digestive juices to build the foundation of its home. The Orpella Tino does this too in a way as its claw is able to scoop in cement and drop it into the mixer. This buggy construction vehicle also has a unique look that makes it look as if it were a massive insect-themed Transformer just waiting to attack.

The Orpella Tino would be great for cash-strapped construction firms looking to downsize their equipment expenditures. If you've ever wondered what a wasp crossed with construction equipment would look like you can see the Orpella Tino here.