The Pollinator Frock is a Bee-Utifully Eco-Conscious Dress

 - Jan 19, 2011
The Pollinator Frock by Karen Ingham is a clever, if albeit incredibly courageous way to battle two birds with one stone.
On one hand, clothing is important, but on the other, so is helping out the beleaguered worldwide bee population, which remains in a global rapid decline. The Pollinator Frock addresses both concerns by having electron-microscopy images of pollen embedded in its fabric (yes, you heard that right). This is then further compounded by the incredible fact that the dresses are also treated with a sugary nectar substance that both attracts and sustains bees.

If bees aren’t your favorite species to summon with your evening wear, however, Karen has also released a line of moth and butterfly-friendly pieces. How could you go wrong?