'Under The Mango Tree' Services Both Ends of the Honey Market

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: utmt.in
'Under The Mango tree' is a company that seeks to service both ends of the honey market in rural India. The company brings gourmet honey to rural Indian markets while also equipping and enabling rural farmers to keep bees and produce the honey. Of course, the company also strives to produce value for its shareholders.

The social enterprise is well on track to meeting its goal of producing India's first brand of organic, fair-trade, gourmet honey. Since 2007, Under The Mango Tree has aided 14,000 farmers; by 2015 it hopes to increase that number to 20,000. It also intends to sell 70 metric tonnes of honey per year, thus, increasing shareholder value and meeting its guiding principle of doing well by doing good.