From Fatty Fried Breakfasts to Chilled Cereal-Flavored Java

 - Jun 15, 2013
Breakfast is an important meal, but these sugary cereal products are probably better left for dessert. Cereal is great whether it's in milk or by itself, so it only makes sense to add it to other delectable recipes in order to create a next level snack. Some of these delightful cereal products are frozen treats and beverages while others are cakes and fried confections.

The cereal-infused cakes are essentially donuts that have been topped off with some tasty cereal pieces, making them even better. Adding cereal to cakes, donuts and cupcakes is extremely popular since it makes for such an unusual but sweet topping. Cereal beer is basically what it sounds like, a cereal made to taste like beer. That's not a bad way to wake up, but you may want to hold off on eating them before going to work, in case they make you smell like you've been drinking.