'Cerealize' Lets You Choose What Goes Into Your Milk

Cerealize is the first place where one can create their own cereal over the internet. This brings customization to the max and allows people to control their breakfasts.

The process begins by selecting a base from five different options, including mini cookies and honey-roasted oats. One is allowed to select as many bases as they wish, but more than two could make one’s taste buds go wacky. After the base is selected, one can add extras including a variety of nuts and seeds. For the more unhealthy types, there are options such as Peeps, bacon and marshmallows. The final step is to name the cereal with a name like "Triple Cocoa Crack."

Thanks to Cerealize, there doesn’t have to be any more picking out the marshmallows from Lucky Charms because one can make their own cereal completely out of marshmallows.