The Sour Worm Cereal is a Sugary Alternative to Breakfast

 - Jun 1, 2013
References: firebox
Your childhood prayers have been answered and a candy cereal has been created. The Sour Worms cereal is exactly as it sounds: a cereal-like box filled with entirely sour gummy worms.

A hilariously cute novelty item, this green candy cereal box comes with five pounds -- yes FIVE pounds -- worth of sour gummy worms. On the silly joke nutrition list, the calories add up to "lots," the calories coming from sugar are "ALL," the happiness daily value is 527% and the tummy ache chances are of course 83%.

With its vibrant green box and gummy worm-inspired lettering, the Sour Worms cereal certainly has a child-like appeal. While this cereal might be fun to eat the first one or two times, after that is it really worth all the cavities and stomach aches?