Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cold Coffee is a Breakfast Brew You'll Adore

 - Nov 17, 2012
References: rock-ur-party.tablespoon
Cinnamon Toast Crunch cold coffee is not something you expect handed to you at the breakfast table. Many have turned the cinnamon squares into a bottom layer for a pie or a topping for a cupcake, but to make it into a iced beverage is a little more surprising.

This java beverage takes a little longer to make, so you might want to wake up a littler earlier in the morning if you plan to start your day with it. It involves crushing up coffee beans and then refrigerating them for 24 hours. With the cereal, you must bake it and then mix it in a bowl. Then strain the two and blend them together in a pitcher.

To really complement the spices in the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cold coffee, pile on whip cream and caramel. Your mouth will be watering at the sight of it.