These Lucky Charms Cupcakes Are Loaded With Good Fortune

Popular Cupcake chain aptly named Yummy Cupcakes chose to see this past Friday the 13th as a sign of good luck by offering these limited edition Lucky Charm Cupcakes to their customers for one day only. These cute cakes sported the marshmallow-laden breakfast food atop a mound of mint green buttercream. The simple vanilla cupcakes were amped up by their unusual topping.

People are often polarized when it comes to Friday the 13. Some believe it to be a bad omen while others spend the day wishing for their heart's greatest desires. No matter what camp you fall into, it's safe to say that these Lucky Charms Cupcakes are painfully cute. Here's hoping Yummy Cupcakes will be inspired to offer these charming cakes again, so that those who missed out the first time around can still get a touch of the luck in the near future.

Cute, clever and terribly tempting, these Lucky Charms Cupcakes are the tastiest way to ensure your good fortune.